In Châtillon-sur-Seine

The Musée du Pays Châtillonnais – Trésor de Vix, located in Châtillon-sur-Seine, is an essential stop on the road to the Celts. The centerpiece, the famous bronze vase of Vix (6th century BC), with exceptional dimensions (1,64 m high), is a testimony of antiquity still unmatched to this day.

Standing on a rocky promontory at the foot of which springs the source of the Douix, it is a beautiful and sober church with Lombard arches built in the early eleventh century. The underground chapel is dedicated to Saint Bernard who had his mystical vision of lactation.

Resurgence of Vaucluse type, the Douix is ​​one of the most beautiful sources of France. Venerated since the 1st Iron Age, it is the oldest Celtic place of worship. The Gallo-Romans had deposited there stone ex-voto, which are now exposed in the museum.

Parish church built in the mid-twelfth century, with Cistercian architecture influenced by that of Fontenay. Its Gothic heart is of the sixteenth century – Two windows of the sixteenth century, the tree of Jesse and the legend of the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela have a Trojan origin.

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